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HC Guangdong Development Ltd, as a globally-renowned automatic equipment manufacturing enterprise and engaging in visual technology^ drive technology, linear motor and PLC and perfectly applying these to the photovoltaic filed and industrial automation. As the AVL of Trina Solar. Canadian Solar, Zhongli Talesun Solar1 Jinko, Linuo Power, Hareon Solar, Shangde and other well-known enterprises and the globally-renowned photovoltaic module packaging equipment manufacturer, HC Guangdong Development Ltd has always been committed to the research and development of solar cell module packaging equipment and will adhere to the philosophy of create quality and build tomorrow and bring our customs the optimal and most efficient automation solutions with our perfect design, advanced technology outstanding quality and good service.

The Company has passed BSI quality management system ISO9001: 2000 certification in 2003 and gained dozens of letters patents including the invention and the utility model (200910228355,5) and {200920250603,1). Our featured products cover module production line, frame machine, EL tester automatic dividing system, turnover machine, curing line, hidden-crack-free robot curing line, AGV deliver wagon 1 automatic cutting EVA laying machine1 automatic arrangement machine for battery string , automatic shaving machine, etc. We supporte factory building layout,utilities, warehouse logistics, capacity planning, automatic production line layout, equipment blend proportion, provide the optimal cost performance in investment and offere planning, drawings, planning and specifications, etc, as customers! requirement. Our dozens of senior and intermediate professional and technical talents can offer our customers the services on design, manufacturing,technology and after-sales service for the complete set of solar cell module production line.

We cooperated with Shanghai Institute of Solar Energy to develop solar cell module infrared detection equipment (EL) in 2008, and built domestic advanced solar power generation test platform (the former of the currently distributive test platform) together with Trina Solar (Jiangsu Changzhou) Co” Ltd. in 2009h and they have been welded by customers. We have successfully built subsidiary factories for many module production factories with our outstanding products and technology service and have performed staff training and product certification for them.

We have participated in the construction of foreign photovoltaic module factory projects many times (projects in India, Vietnam1 Burma1 Thai land H Australia and other countries), and licensed to handle all import and export activities and we have applied for USD account.

We hava established the first full—automatic laminated arrangement center in China in 2011 s five workers can produce 60 standard modules per hour in the full-automatic laminated arrangement center and the precision was up to ±0,5mm.

Our Super Union Branch (Yangzhou) was established in 2014, with area exceeding 8,000 square meters and engaging in manufacturing of photovoltaic module automatic production line. We are striving to construct the most competitive photovoltaic module equipment manufacturer in the world with our advantages.

Super Union will always adhere to the goal of outstanding quality control, customer satisfaction and quick service and the mission of quality first, customer first and quick respose and the mission of quality first.

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