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Robot Automatic Glazing Machine

Robot Automatic Glazing Machine

Robot Automatic Glazing Machine
Applicable Scope: 1640X982mm, 1650X992mm, 1956X992mm, 1340X982mm
Conveying Mode: Servo rack convey


Applicable Scope of Robot Automatic Glazing Machine

Applicable Scope1640X982mm, 1650X992mm, 1956X992mm, 1340X982mm
Conveying Mode
Servo rack convey

Take the glass and putting it to the transmission line
1. The robot transplanting system includes two sets of clamping devices for gripping glass and glass paper
2. Robot for six joints, a wide range of adjustment
3. The height of glass loading is between 150mm to 470mm, the pallet height of the glass is 150mm and the height of 100 glasses is 320mm.

Functions and Features of Robot Automatic Glazing Machine

1. Vacuum avoiding function, induce and alarm to remind overweight.
2. Transfer chuck catches up glass and moves from pallet to conveyor line.
3. Automatic remind for lack of materials, safety guard in feeding area.
4. Two groups of vacuum and compressed air systems for gripping glass and paper.
5. Mechanically transfer glass and paper into material tank.
6. Equipment operation time:≤30s.
7. Advantage of Robot automatic glazing machine is lower failure rate and higher stability.

Robot Automatic Glazing Machine.jpg

Robot Automatic Glazing Machine.jpg

Our Services
1. Guarantee the complete machine for 18 monthes, except the consumable parts.
2. 24hour technical support by email or calling.
3. User-friendly english manual for machine using and maintaining.

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