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Application fields and functional features of solar panel EL tester
Aug 16, 2018

Solar panel EL testers are mainly used to detect solar cell modules for cracks, chips, solder joints, broken grids, and battery anomalies at different power ratings, because these internal defects are usually invisible to the naked eye; It can also be used for invisible defect detection of pre-lamination components and laminates to effectively detect problems in the cell sheet and facilitate rework to achieve improved yield and increased output power.


The solar panel EL tester utilizes the principle of electroluminescence and has the characteristics of high sensitivity, fast detection speed, automatic image recognition of defects and defects, and is a key device for improving the quality of solar photovoltaic modules. The device allows the user to grasp the internal problems of the solar panel in a timely and comprehensive manner, and provides a basis for improving the production process.


The solar panel EL tester has the functions of flexible setting of qualification criteria, and can set the degree and quantity of defects such as black bars, broken grids, and splits; more software can be used to provide more criteria to meet the requirements of automated production. The images it detects can be archived, queried and printed, classified and saved, and automatically statisticed for later viewing.



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