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Automatic online EVA cutting laying machine operation safety and working environment requirements
Sep 04, 2018

The safety problem that needs to be paid attention to during the operation of the automatic online EVA cutting laying machine: First, check that the safety guard, door and cover are installed without damage. If it is damaged, it must be replaced or repaired. Secondly, install the machine in a building with lightning protection. Otherwise, the machine should stop running when lightning occurs. When you want to leave the machine, you should turn off the main power switch and then close the connection. The power source of the machine.


Safety precautions for automatic online EVA cutting laying machine working environment:

Online EVA cuts the ground around the paver to prevent oil and water from standing to prevent the operator from slipping;

It is 0.8 meters away from the online EVA cutting machine, keeping the ground free of obstacles and avoiding being tripped and injured during operation.


Automatic online EVA cutting laying machine control system safety precautions:

The high-voltage terminals in the transformer, relay, motor and electrical box in the electrical control system should not be touched. After the voltage is disconnected, there will be residual voltage in a short time. It is necessary to use the multimeter to confirm the voltage and then touch the terminal;

When working in an online EVA cutting and laying electrical cabinet, the total power switch to the machine must be disconnected.



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