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Bus-bar line up & welding machine composition and operation requirements
Aug 27, 2018

During the operation of each processing unit in the bus-bar line up & welding machine, the user can adjust the working stroke according to the needs, reduce the processing time and improve the production efficiency. Moreover, a variety of processing functions can be realized by replacing the mold, and the user can separately perform punching, shearing and folding processing of the busbar row on the corresponding processing unit, and the production efficiency is high, which is an ideal for high and low voltage electrical appliances and transformer manufacturing industries. equipment.


In the bus-bar line up & welding machine, the bending unit has higher precision and is more convenient to operate. And there is a double-layer workbench, so punching, bending, and shearing do not affect each other. It also adopts automatic adding and discharging system, industrial pc+ touch screen + linear sensor, system parameters and working parameters are not lost.


The bus-bar line up & welding machine is a continuous long-term working device and therefore has strict requirements for the entire system. This includes a number of different control links that require a full range of considerations. Otherwise, if there is an abnormality in one of the links, it will affect the normal operation of the entire system.



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