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Functional description and maintenance requirements for automatic trimming edge machine
Aug 20, 2018

The automatic trimming edge machine can not only be used to repair the burrs formed by the lamination of the components, so that the components can automatically absorb the glue when the frame is installed, and the burrs can be automatically recovered. Due to the fully automatic control of its entire operation, no manual operation is required.


The frame of the automatic trimming edge machine adopts the iron square welding frame, so it is strong, durable and stable. Its cutter is in elastic contact with the glass, the contact pressure is adjustable, the cutting is clean and the components are not damaged; Modular servo motor control, fast speed and high precision. In addition, the automatic trimming machine is also equipped with a collecting box to collect scraps after trimming, which is convenient for workers to clean; and a guiding device to prevent waste splashing, cleaning and safety.


Of course, the good working condition of the automatic trimming edge machine is inseparable from its perfect maintenance and maintenance. First of all, the user is required to complete the equipment tools required for the maintenance, inspection and maintenance of the automatic trimming machine, and try to improve the various facilities on the construction site. At the same time, the spare parts and the spare parts that are less expensive for the automatic trimming machine are available. Appropriate and reasonable inventory, no delay in the smooth maintenance and maintenance work.


In addition, the automatic trimming edge machine itself should check whether each part can operate normally before purchasing. During the use after purchase, you should also pay attention to the maintenance work of the automatic trimming machine. In the course of use, it should be operated by professional technical staff to ensure the personal safety of the staff, and secondly to ensure the maintenance of the trimming machine.



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