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Functional features of the robot glass automatic loading machine
Sep 11, 2018

In practical applications, the robot glass automatic loading machine can simultaneously realize the functions of glass picking, cutting, and air floatation. For the user, the machine is simple and safe to operate, and has a one-button start function. During the running process, the machine can rotate 360 degrees, can move freely by remote control, and the upper piece can automatically correct and solve the ground unevenness equipment. The problem of deviation.


From the structural analysis, the robot glass automatic loading machinecan ensure safe and reliable operation by means of the frequency conversion system. It is also equipped with a high-power air compressor, no additional air circuit is required. The cylinder arm is controlled by the imported true air conditioner pressure switch, and the glass can be directly placed on the table after the film is placed, and the mobile device is safer and more reliable.


In addition, different thicknesses of the glass can be adjusted as needed. It can be seen that the robot glass automatic loading machine is very flexible, and the mobile device is also designed, which can be moved anywhere in the workshop to solve the traditional problem of the glass finding device, and the device is directly moved to the front of the glass frame for the next piece operation.



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