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Main equipment composition and workflow of PV module automatic production line
Aug 23, 2018

In the application of photovoltaic modules, several single cells need to be assembled, connected and packaged into components, and the wipes can be used. Photovoltaic modules are an important part of the entire power generation system. In the production, automatic production lines of photovoltaic modules are needed to complete their various processing steps.


In the automatic production line of photovoltaic modules, the main production equipment includes: automatic string welding machine, laminating machine, EL defect detector, automatic typesetting machine, component tester and battery sorting machine. Among them, the welding of the stringer is extremely important in the entire production line. Fully automatic stringers have more advantages than traditional hand soldering.


The main workflow of the PV module automatic production line is as follows:

The first is to conduct battery testing, and then to weld, lay (glass cleaning, material cutting, glass pretreatment, laying), lamination, deburring (de-edge, cleaning), frame (gluing, cornering, etc.) Punching, frame, scrubbing glue), welding junction box, high voltage test, component test, visual inspection, and finally packaging and storage.



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