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Power station installation quality identification
May 08, 2017

One, look at the line

Installation of distributed photovoltaic power generation system, the need to connect the cable. High-quality construction, alignment must be neat, regular, in addition, the cable will be installed outside the trough, both beautiful, but also to protect the cable. Tracing is a test of the construction of a standard, but not a rigid indicator, alignment basically does not affect the power generation, but it can test the strength of the construction side.

Second, look to block

The PV modules between a photovoltaic array are connected in series, and the blockage affects the power generation of the entire array. For example, if a PV array is a six-part component, the power generation of the six components will be affected if a portion of the component is shaded by the block. In addition, the blockage will cause the module to produce hot spots, resulting in damage to the components.

Third, look at the installation perspective

The mounting angle of the component is a very complicated problem, and it is impossible to determine whether the inclination of the component is the best inclination by the naked eye. However, if your system components of the tilt is too large, then you have to be careful, and this system is very worrying wind resistance. Components of the tilt and latitude related to the North China, for example, component tilt is generally about 30 degrees.

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