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Process operation flow of solar PV module automation system
Aug 21, 2018

The solar PV module automation system has a variety of functions and functions, including battery testing, front soldering, back series, lamination, component lamination, trimming, framing, soldering, testing, etc. Complete set of solar photovoltaic modules.


Due to the randomness of the production conditions of the battery, the performance of the produced battery is not the same, so in order to effectively combine the batteries with the same performance or similar performance, it should be classified according to its performance parameters; the battery test of the solar PV module automation system is The battery is sorted by the size of the output parameters of the test battery. In order to improve the utilization rate of the battery, a qualified battery assembly can be made.


The busbar is then soldered to the main grid on the front of the cell, and 36 cells are connected in series to form a component string. This process is controlled by the solar PV module automation system. After the back side is connected in series and passed the inspection, the component string, glass and cut EVA, glass fiber and back sheet are laid at a certain level and ready for lamination.


Then the solar PV module automation system can put the laid battery into the laminating machine, evacuate the air in the assembly by vacuuming, and then heat to fuse the EVA to bond the battery, the glass and the backboard together; finally, cool the removal component . Finally, the trimming, framing, welding junction box, high voltage test, component test, etc., determine the quality level of the component.



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