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PV module identification:
May 08, 2017

Learn self-identification components of good or bad, is the first power station to turn off.

First, look at the battery chip welding process, which can be seen directly through the appearance. Common welding failure as follows:

The possible causes are: the battery chip itself has a crack, the pressure of the laminating press is too large, and the laminating press is not correct.

May cause the reason: the layout staff inadvertently splash the residual welding wire, cut the excess welding tape without a knife cut, repeated over the shear caused.

May cause the reasons: single welding, repeated welding lead to solder accumulation, string welding box is not clean, there are solder, resulting in the process of falling into the layout and so on.

May lead to the reasons: single welding staff welding speed too fast, auxiliary welding with gesture is not correct, welding tape specifications and the main line of the battery does not match, welding virtual lead.

Second, look at the pressure on the back of the pressure, there is no uneven situation, or bubbles, folds and so on. To find bubbles and wrinkles is not difficult, in the sun can be seen.

Possible causes of bubbles are: laminating machine is not taking time, vacuum pump or silicone plate, silicone strips are not tight. Vacuum or pressure is not enough. The lamination time is too long or the temperature is too high, the organic peroxide decomposition, the output of oxygen and so on.

Third, look at the border quality, is not strictly into a rectangular, the error is not too big.

Fourth, look at the conversion rate, high conversion rate is the guarantee of stable benefits! The conversion efficiency of the surface is not visible, the need to compare component parameters.

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