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Safety and economy of the automatic glass loading machine
Sep 13, 2018

For the operator, the daily operation of the automatic glass loading machine is very stable and reliable, not only can automatically complete the task, but also quite flexible. In actual operation, the automatic glassing machine can be operated by the wireless remote control device, which effectively avoids possible personal injury and property damage.


Not only that, in the process of product design, the automatic glass loading machine itself is specially designed with perfect electrical protection devices, making the use of the equipment very simple and safe. Compared with the traditional manual cutting table, it also has obvious economical. Usually, a traditional manual cutting table requires at least 4 people for one shift.


With the automatic glass loading machine for the film, only one person can complete these processes, greatly reducing labor costs. At the same time, because the workers operate through remote control, there is no need to contact the glass at close distance, which completely eliminates the safety risks in this link. The equipment is flexible and can adapt to different sizes of glass. One device has the function of multiple devices.




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