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Structural design and operating efficiency of the servo mould placed machine
Sep 03, 2018

The servo mould placed machine runs stably, has fast action, low energy consumption and high degree of automation, and provides favorable help and support for the user's production operations. Moreover, through the technical improvement of the placement of the mold space of the servo mold placement machine, it is possible to place various molds more conveniently and quickly, which is a machine which can greatly save the investment cost for you.


In the servo mould placed machine, a dual-arm manipulator clamping system is specially used to ensure the great pressure generated when the mold is tightly closed. The mold opening and closing speed is increased, which greatly improves the working efficiency. The system adopts the PLC plus human machine interface, and the touch operation is convenient and simple.


The servo mould placed machine is energy efficient and saves costs. The machine adopts double parallel and translational mode mechanism, central clamping mode, balanced force, rapid movement and flat position. In addition, the high-speed and high-efficiency double-station model is designed to meet the high-volume production of the product, and the corresponding safety device is configured by itself, so users can use it with confidence.



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