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Temperature control during automatic glass loader
Aug 28, 2018

As the demand for glass products continues to increase, manufacturers of glass are also emerging. In the process of producing glass, there are many links involved. One of them is the automatic glass loader, which is very important for temperature control during the glass loading process.


This is because if the random temperature distribution is not uniform during the operation of the automatic glass loader, it is likely to cause deformation of the glass. In fact, the uneven temperature distribution is mainly caused by poor equipment conditions. Partial damage to the heating wire of the tempering furnace, change or distortion of the position of the temperature sensor, and unreasonable stacking of the glass on the roller table may cause uneven heating of the glass.


That is to say, if such a temperature unevenness occurs, the temperature distribution of the glass in the direction of the surface of the automatic glass loader after heating will be uneven, and the loading glass will be irregular in different areas during cooling. And irregular shrinkage, which directly leads to poor local flatness of the glass sheet surface.



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