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The characteristics of the robot automatic glazing machine
Aug 30, 2018

The robot automatic glazing machine is an intelligent production line unit in the solar module production line. Its main function is to automatically complete the paper removal and glass suction and feeding through the independent robot body control robot. The structure design of the machine is simple and reasonable, and takes up less space. Moreover, the robot space can be adjusted in a wide range.


The robot automatic glazing machine is an intelligent device. For the user, the daily operation and maintenance are simple, and the program can be quickly adjusted. The robot arm is fast and the position is accurate. During the operation of the equipment, it adopts an automatic control system and can monitor the entire operating state in real time to ensure reliable and stable operation.


At the same time, the robot automatically adopts multiple safety protection design in the glass machine, which not only greatly improves the working efficiency, but also enhances the safety of the operation. In addition, the robot's automatic glass feeder interface can be flexibly connected to each glass processing equipment, one-button operation, convenient and simple.



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