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The function and function of automatic EVA all-in-one nachine
Sep 17, 2018

The automatic EVA all-in-one nachine belongs to the automatic production equipment in the field of photovoltaic. In the production, the machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, reduced labor intensity and good product quality. Simply put, the main function and function of the automatic EVA cutting template placement machine is to automatically feed the EVA coil, automatically cut and punch, and lay it on the glass on the initial positioning table.


According to the structural composition analysis, a transmission mechanism can be arranged on the frame of the automatic EVA all-in-one nachine, and a lifting mechanism is arranged in the middle of the frame, and the structural points thereof are correspondingly arranged at the end of the transmission mechanism with a support frame and supporting The frame is provided with a horizontal slideway, and the horizontal slideway is provided with a cutting mechanism; the frame is provided with a laying mechanism corresponding to the cutting mechanism.


The laying mechanism of the automatic EVA cutting template placement machine mainly comprises: a beam, the air beam is arranged on the beam, and the two ends of the beam are connected with the sliding rails and the conveyor belt on both sides of the frame through the sliding block. In the work, the feeding method of the machine adopts the air-up shaft to feed, the cylinder lifting mechanism tops the material shaft, and is equipped with infrared proofreading.



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