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The main classification of solar energy
May 08, 2017


The photovoltaic panel assembly is a power generation device that generates direct current that is exposed to sunlight and consists of solid photovoltaic cells made of almost all of the semiconductor material, such as silicon. Simple photovoltaic cells for the watch and computer to provide energy, more complex photovoltaic systems for housing to provide lighting and traffic lights and monitoring system, into the power grid. The photovoltaic panels can be made in different shapes and the components can be connected to produce more power. Rooftop and building surfaces can use photovoltaic panels, even as part of windows, skylights or shelter devices, which are often referred to as photovoltaic systems attached to buildings.

According to research shows that due to overcapacity led to the world's five major manufacturers shrinking profits, 2012 PV module installation will be reduced, which is the first time in more than 10 years decline. According to Bloomberg's average forecast for six analysts, the global home and business unit will install 24.8GW of PV modules. This is equivalent to about 20 nuclear reactors, but with the addition of 27.7GW of PV installed capacity decreased by 10%. According to Bloomberg Energy Finance estimates that the average annual installment since 1999 has increased by 61%.

Light and heat

Modern solar thermal technology combines sunlight and uses its energy to produce hot water, steam and electricity. In addition to the use of appropriate technology to collect solar energy, the building can also use the sun's light and heat, by adding the appropriate equipment in the design, such as the giant south window or use to absorb and slowly release the sun's thermal building materials

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