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The main features of the automatic aligned mould machine
Sep 18, 2018

First of all, the automatic aligned mould machine has high precision, can be automatically aligned within a certain range, computer analysis control, high precision. Secondly, in the process of alignment, the time spent is short, the speed is fast, and the production efficiency is improved. More importantly, there is a reliable guarantee for quality.


For the user, the automatic aligned mould machine is not only powerful, but also its structural design and operating system is quite perfect. For example, the operating system adopts the human-machine interface, and the working mode is set directly on the touch screen, and has a long service life. In the process of automatic alignment, the molds and molding equipment including the upper mold, the lower mold and the outer sleeve can achieve higher precision.


In the automatic aligned mould machine operation, the working parameters can be adjusted as needed for the structural dimensions of the different molds. For example, when the upper die and the lower die are pressed, the requirement of the blanking can be realized by the action of the top pusher, and the blanking method is very convenient, and is relatively stable and reliable.



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