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The role of its various parts of the equipment are as follows:
May 08, 2017

Solar photovoltaic power generation equipment mainly by the solar cell array, controller, battery, inverter and other components,

The role of its various parts of the equipment are as follows:

(1) solar cell array. Solar cell array consists of solar panels and square matrix bracket. Because the voltage of a single solar cell is generally low, so they are usually string, parallel to form a practical value of the solar panels, as an application unit, and then according to power requirements, and then by a number of application unit string, parallel to form solar energy Battery square. Solar panels (some semiconductor materials, mainly polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon and amorphous silicon, after a certain process of assembly) is the most important part of solar photovoltaic systems, solar photovoltaic power generation equipment is the most valuable part. Solar panels in the case of light, the battery absorbs light, the battery at both ends of the accumulation of different charges, that is, "light production voltage", which is "photoelectric effect." In the role of the photoelectric effect, the solar cell at both ends of the electromotive force, the light energy into electricity, it is energy conversion devices.

(2) battery pack. Its role is to store solar cells when the light emitted by the square light and can always supply power to the load. In the solar grid-connected power generation system, can not add battery pack.

(3) controller. A device for adjusting and controlling electrical energy.

(4) Inverter. Is the solar cell array and the battery provided by the DC into AC equipment, photovoltaic power generation system is a key component. Since the solar cell and the battery are DC power, the inverter is indispensable when the load is an AC load. Inverter according to the operation mode, can be divided into independent operation inverter and grid inverter. Independent operation of the inverter for independent operation of the solar cell power generation system, for the independent load power supply. Grid-connected inverter for grid-connected operation of the solar cell power generation system, this paper introduces the solar photovoltaic grid-connected power generation system. The grid-connected inverter is composed of a switching device, the control circuit makes the switching element have a certain regular continuous opening or closing, so that the output voltage polarity is positive and negative alternately, the DC input is converted to AC output. Inverter according to the output waveform can be divided into square wave inverter and sine wave inverter. Square wave inverter circuit is simple, low cost, but the harmonic components, generally used for hundreds of watts and less harmonic requirements of the system is not high. Sine wave inverters are expensive but can be applied to a variety of loads.

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