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What are the structural features of the automatic EVA laying machine?
Aug 13, 2018

The main purpose of the automatic EVA laying machine is to automatically cut and lay the entire roll of EVA or backing plate to the components according to customer's requirements, so as to meet the production and processing requirements of the next step. The use of this mechanized laying method instead of labor is not only more efficient, but also greatly improves the machining accuracy.


From the structure of the automatic EVA laying machine, its automatic discharging material adopts the photoelectric rectification control system to automatically correct the deviation and fully digital circuit control; and its automatic cutting material adopts the cylinder pressing and servo motor drive to ensure the material level is flush. No skew.


The automatic EVA laying machine is also equipped with an automatic tensioning and wrinkle-removing mechanism to ensure that the surface of the EVA is flat. At the same time, the laying mechanism is controlled by a touch screen system, and the required parameters can be set according to different products. In addition, since the double-drive automatic clamping and laying mechanism is provided, the entire cut EVA can be laid on the glass.


In addition, the automatic EVA laying machine is equipped with an auxiliary feeding mechanism for manual feeding. Its frame base is welded with iron square and iron plate, and the overall mechanism is stable. The range of automatic EVA laying machines is also very wide, and the maximum width of EVA is ≤ 1000mm.



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