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Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Industry Focus In The First Quarter Added 2.43 Million Kilowatts
May 08, 2017

National Energy Board released on May 4 data show that the first quarter of the national distributed photovoltaic power generation to maintain rapid growth, the new installed capacity of 7.12 million kilowatts. Among them, the centralized PV power plant installed capacity of 4.78 million kilowatts, down 23%; distributed photovoltaic installed capacity of 2.43 million kilowatts, an increase of 151%. The new installed capacity of centralized photovoltaic power plant down and distributed photovoltaic power generation speed trend. Experts said that with the continuous improvement of photovoltaic technology, transformation efficiency continues to increase in the PV subsidies substantially reduced, photovoltaic power station benchmark price substantially reduced, "abandoned light" phenomenon is difficult to solve the short-term background, the distribution will become the focus of the development of photovoltaic industry.

Due to limited roof resources, project financing difficulties, poor policy support, the past few years, the installed capacity of distributed photovoltaic power generation are significantly lower than expected. Data show that in 2014 the new PV installed capacity of 14 million kilowatts, the distribution of 8 million kilowatts, the final actual installed capacity of 2.05 million kilowatts, only completed the planning objectives of 26%. In 2015, the National Energy Board proposed new PV installed targets are no longer on the ground photovoltaic power plants, distributed photovoltaic power plants to limit the specific size, but the distributed installed capacity of less than 10% of the total.

Since last year, distributed photovoltaic power generation capacity development speed, the annual installed capacity of 4.24 million kilowatts. "Investors turn their attention to the distribution of not only because of centralized power plant abandoned light phenomenon is grim, but also because the distribution is the inevitable trend of the development of photovoltaic power generation." Expert analysis, distributed close to the user side, can improve the power consumption The use of solar energy in the region, the form of spontaneous self-use of the Internet in line with the characteristics of solar distributed.

National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board had jointly issued the "power development" thirteen five "plan" proposed by 2020 China's solar energy development goals in more than 110 million kilowatts, of which 45 million kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants, distributed photovoltaic power generation for 60 million kilowatt.

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