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Foreign Media Said India Is Committed To Solar Energy Development, The Government Plans To Invest Heavily In The Industry.
May 08, 2017

Foreign media said India is committed to solar energy development, the government plans to invest heavily in the industry. This attracts a large number of foreign investors.

Investors are increasingly looking to India in the search for long-term environmental projects: Prime Minister Moody hopes to push the world's third-largest economy from fossil energy to renewable by building huge solar parks energy. His goal is to invest $ 100 billion in the solar industry over the next five years. Behind him is the World Bank's loan support. Solar economy investors in India received no support for a country.

The local natural conditions are very good, every day the sun is often more than 300 days. In less than three years, solar power installed capacity increased by two times. This growth has been driven by lower prices for solar panels and reduced cost of loans.

Despite this, 12 billion watts of solar power installed capacity accounts for only a small fraction of the total installed capacity of about 315 billion watts. Modi plans to 2022 will be solar power installed capacity increased to 100 billion watts.

This attracts investors from all over the world. Japanese telecoms and big investors Softbank have been working with partners to invest $ 20 billion in the Indian solar industry.

French power companies and the Italian state power companies and other European companies are now active in the Indian renewable energy market. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Stanley to participate in the investment fund as well. In addition, several of the world's largest pension funds have made tentative attempts, such as the Canadian market leader, the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Committee.

But investors are worried that heavily indebted Indian energy supply companies may be unable to pay off their loans. And investors are worried that there is a risk of profitability due to falling electricity prices.

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