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In The Energy-saving Solar Energy Company PV Module Cleaning Robot Successfully Test Run
May 08, 2017

Recently, by the Xinjiang Electric Power Research Institute and the Xinjiang University jointly developed the PV module cleaning robot trial machine in the energy-saving solar power Shanshan company successfully commissioned the operation of photovoltaic power plants.

The robot can automatically exit and exit

Shanshan photovoltaic power station is located in the desert zone, the sand on the PV module pollution easily lead to lower power generation efficiency, seriously affecting the power generation. The original PV module cleaning method is not only difficult process, and can not guarantee timely and effective cleaning. The advent of PV module cleaning robots will successfully solve this problem.

Cleaning the robot trial stand-alone, without any transformation of the PV module, can be directly attached to the PV module automatically walk, automatic cleaning, and can set a different mode of operation, cleaning can be automatically left after the PV module, PV modules do not cover shadow. The EPRI will continue to improve the communication and control system of the cleaning robot, realize the remote control of the cleaning process, and automatically upload the fault information, and finally realize the cluster control of the whole process of robot cleaning.

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