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What Are The Brands Of Solar Power For Home Use?
May 08, 2017

Solar power generation equipment through the distributed photovoltaic power generation system installed in the user roof, the power generated by the two-way meter into the national grid process, the process of how much electricity every day, how much their own consumption, how much more out The grid is recorded.

Through the photovoltaic panels issued by the direct current, through the photovoltaic grid-connected inverter conversion, AC can be directly incorporated into the national grid, the vast majority of the region can be recovered within 5 years of the cost, after 20 years Time is the state of pure income.

Different areas of sunshine conditions are different, good areas to recover the cost of time will be shorter, the general conditions of light or poor regional cycle is also slightly less. But the words come back, no matter how the conditions, as long as the investment is earned, are considered free lunch. But the number of problems, it is also rely on days received, and the product is not directly related to the customer need to understand this point, the same area can be compared to power generation, across the layout of several points is unreasonable.

China's vast territory, it can be said that most of the lighting conditions are good, suitable for home solar power equipment. And as the electricity pressure is growing, many areas are in the price of electricity prices, but also according to the number of population per household allocation of electricity quota, more than the upper limit after the price. This time if you can alleviate this part of the pressure is also a pioneering work, so this new energy products in the future market is very broad.

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