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What Is The Prospect Of Solar Power Now?
May 08, 2017

According to the prospective network "2013-2017 China's solar power industry market outlook and investment strategic planning analysis report" survey data show that in 2011, the global PV installed capacity of about 27.5GW, compared with 18.1GW last year, or up 52%, the cumulative global installed capacity of more than 67GW. Nearly 28GW of the world's total installed capacity, nearly 20GW of the system installed in Europe, but the relative slowdown in growth, including Italy and the German market accounted for 55% of global growth, respectively, 7.6GW and 7.5GW. In 2011, the demand for photovoltaic industry in the Asia-Pacific region, represented by China, Japan and India, increased by 129% year on year, with capacity of 2.2GW, 1.1GW and 350MW respectively. In addition, in the increasingly mature North American market, last year the new installation capacity of about 2.1GW, an increase of up to 84%.

China is the fastest growing global solar power installed capacity in 2011, solar power installed capacity in 2010 increased by about 5 times in 2011, battery production reached 20GW, accounting for about 65% of the world. As of the end of 2011, China has a total of about 115 battery companies, the total capacity of 36.5GW or so. Which produced more than 1GW a total of 14 enterprises, accounting for 53% of total capacity; between 100MW and 1GW a total of 63 enterprises, accounting for 43% of total capacity; the remaining 38 production capacity are within 100MW, only the total 4% of production capacity. Scale, technology, cost differentiation of the competitive landscape gradually clear. The top ten domestic manufacturers of components accounted for 60% of total battery output.

Whether from the world or from China, conventional energy is very limited, China's primary energy reserves far below the world average, only about 10% of the world's total reserves. Solar energy is an inexhaustible renewable energy source for mankind, with full cleanliness, absolute safety, relative generality, real long life and maintenance-free, resource adequacy and potential economy And so on, in the long-term energy strategy has an important position.

In the next ten years, China's solar power market will be turned from an independent power generation system to grid-connected power generation systems, including desert power plants and urban roof power generation systems. China's solar photovoltaic power generation development potential, with a positive and stable policy support, by 2030 PV installed capacity will reach 100 million kilowatts, the annual generating capacity of up to 130 billion kwh, equivalent to less than 30 large coal power plants. The country will invest 20 billion yuan in the next three years to subsidize the photovoltaic industry, China's solar photovoltaic power generation has ushered in a new round of rapid growth, and attract more strategic investors into the industry.

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