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Automatic glass loader manufacturers

  • Solar Photovoltaic Automatic Glass Loading Machine With Robot

    Contact NowSolar Photovoltaic Automatic Glass Loading Machine With RobotTake the glass and putting it to the transmission line.
    1.The robot transplanting system includes two sets of clamping devices for gripping glass and glass paper
    2.Robot for six joints, a wide range of adjustment
    3.The height of glass loading is between 150mm to 470mm, the pallet height of the glass is 150mm and the height...
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  • Automatic Online EVA/TPT Cutting Lay Up Machine

    Contact NowAutomatic Glass LoaderApplication Range of Automatic Glass Loader
    Long side: 1500-2000mm, short side:800-1000mm
    Two groups of vacuum and compressed air systems for gripping glass and paper.
    Mechanically transfer glass and paper into material tank
    Equipment operation time:≤25s
    Support romote diagnosis system.
    Provide free software...
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  • PV Modules Servo Automatic Mould Placing Machine and Aligned Place Mould Machine

    Contact NowHigh Quality Automatic Solar Panel Module EL TesterAutomatic power connection, optical system for shooting and testing, support retake mode and photozoom. Automatic and manual bar code input, and display bar code number in stored photo. Customize shooting type, classify defected and automatically generate date folder, automatically save and...Read More

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